Bad weather is bad business for some north Iowa restaurants


It’s safe to say January weather has not been kind to us on the roadways or anywhere else, and Thursday is no exception.

“Every week it seems like we’re getting down to -30 below with wind-chill.”

But this weather has been more than just an inconvenience for several businesses, it’s cost them money!

“60% of our business, I think comes from around the area from all the small towns around us and that definitely has an affect,” says Jay Kvigne, Owner of Whiskey Creek in Mason City.

The weather has even forced the wood-fire grill to close early on some of those days things are really rough outside.

And Kvigne says while he’s usually busy at this time of the year, this January will be a different story.

“We’ve had blizzards are really cold, cold weather that affects a lot of people from coming out so I would say this year we’re definitely down for the month of January, a decent amount,” he says.

“Sometimes the colder it is the more people get inside and they want to stay in,” says Al Hejna, Owner of Rookies Rockin’ Sports Bar in ClearLake.

Rookies is one place not seeing a slow down.

Staff here is gearing up for one of the bar’s biggest weekends the Winter Dance Party.

An event this owner says weather won’t affect.

“We got the same people they’ll be dancing in the same spot they were dancing 10 years ago, see a lot of the same people that the only time we see them is once a year and we recognize their faces and a lot of times we even remember what they drink,” adds Hejna.

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