Cemetery future uncertain

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhdgSkLof-g]

RACINE, Minn. — The future of a local cemetery is up on the air, because the current caretakers won’t be able to keep up with the job for long.

John and Ardis Copple are one of the families in charge of St. John’s Evangelical Cemetery, outside of Racine.

They’ve helped maintain the cemetery, keep records of burials, and finances for almost 20 years.

But as they and others get older, they are looking to the community to possibly help out and take over.

“The cemetery is there, it’s a non-profit, non-denominational association and we’re looking for families that would like to be involved in it and give up their time,” Copple said.

She adds they’ve also spoken to the Racine Township Board about possibly taking over if no one shows interest.

If you live in the area and feel like you could help, you can contact: the Reeds at: 1-507-754-5499 or the Copples at 507-533-6373.

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