Iowa board reviews Klunder case

Michael Klunder
Michael Klunder

KIMT News 3- An Iowa board has reviewed the case of a former north Iowan accused of murder and kidnapping.

In their annual report, the  Iowa Public Safety Advisory Board believes that Michael Klunder’s sentence for two kidnapping convictions could have been longer under their new recommendations.

Klunder was given a sentence of 41 years in prison for those kidnapping charges but was released after only serving half his sentence because of good behavior.

Police say Klunder, who was born in the Mason City area, kidnapped two young girls last summer near Dayton. One of the girls escaped but Kathlynn Shepard was found murdered. Authorities say Klunder killed himself before he could be questioned.

The board recommends a change in the definition of Second Degree Kidnapping to include non-parental/custodial kidnapping of a child/minor or any subsequent kidnapping conviction. The behaviors would then be an automatic Class B felony subject to the 70% mandatory serving time.

A new bill is currently making its way through the Iowa Legislature to change current laws to help in these kind of situations.

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