Update: Police release name, charges in standoff incident

Authorities outside home near Lake Mills
Authorities outside home near Lake Mills


Matthew Davis



[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAEZ-yJR4s0]

UPDATE –  Authorities are releasing the name of the person involved in a standoff with law enforcement earlier today in rural Worth and Winnebago Counties.   They say around noon on Thursday,  the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 phone call that 21 year old Matthew Davis, who lives at 4573 Apple Avenue was suicidal and had cut himself.  Two officers responded to the home to help.  But as the officer’s approached the house, Davis shot at them.  The officer’s returned fire, then took cover and called for back up.  Law enforcement from around the area moved in and surrounded the area.  After more than 4 hours, Davis walked out of the house voluntarily and was taken into custody and transported to Mercy Hospital North Iowa with self inflicted wounds.  Davis was later released from Mercy and then transported to the Worth County Jail.  He is being held on charges of attempted murder, a Class B Felony.  


UPDATE 2- Worth County Sheriff’s Office has released more information on the incident following a press conference.

Authorities responded to a 911 call about a male in his mid-twenties with injuries on his wrist.

After they arrived on scene, the male fired a shotgun toward police. Police returned fire but no one was hit.

That incident lead to a standoff.

After hours of negotiations, the gunman turned himself in without incident and is later rushed to a nearby hospital for evaluations.

The man was not injured and will undergo a psychological evaluation.

Investigators are still on the scene to search for any more weapons on the property.


UPDATE 1- Worth County Sheriff’s Office has released more details on the incident.

A little before 5 p.m. the male was talked into turning himself in without another incident. EMT’s rushed to the home and left.

No word yet on the condition of the gunman or anyone else who may have been inside the home.


WORTH COUNTY, Iowa – Authorities say at least one person in a rural home near Lake Mills has fired shots.

Multiple law enforcement agencies are parked at the end of a long drive outside the home near Highway 105.

Officials tell us the person does have a rifle, and that the rifle may have a scope  attached to it.

Authorities say low visibility caused by the snow and wind is making it tough on officers.  We will have updates as soon as more details are released.

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