Being prepared for a train derailment

Cerro Gordo County Emergency Management

KIMT News 3 –  We’ve been seeing train derailments happening across the nation and those locally are making sure if that happens in our area, we’re prepared.

You may remember back in May of last year, when a train carrying ethanol derailed in CharlesCity.

Fire fighters and hazmat crews helped with the rescue, and contained the spill.

Across the nation, that same situation seems to be happening more.

Steve O’Neil, with Cerro Gordo County Emergency Management, says it’s critical to be ready for these types of situations.

“We want to make sure not just fire fighters but law enforcement, EMS, any of those responders plus the private sectors that may be handing transporting some of those chemicals are trained to recognize an incident, to respond to one, and to protect the public,” said O’Neil.

O’Neil says their main focusing when going to those types of scenes is making sure everyone is safe.

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