Golden Apple: Vicki Ries


1st grade teacher Vicki Ries wants all her students to feel special each day in her classroom.

 She said, “I’ve always thought that if I make sure that they feel loved, feel happy and feel safe that we would learn better in the classroom.”

She says the best thing about teaching 1st graders, is their eagerness to learn.

Vicki said, “They still love school they are willing to do anything. They’re just so open and honest. You can talk to them and have a real conversation and they tell you what they want, and you tell then what you want, and you can still work with them so well. They’re just happy to be there”.

But her students favorite thing, is how much fun they have with their lessons.

1st Grader, Kiara Cunningham said, “We read, and we get to do art, and we color pictures.”

But even with all the fun, there is always something new to learn.

Vicki said, “They get to make avatars on the computer and they type full journals on the computer, which you wouldn’t think 1st graders could do. They love it, but we do a lot of great educational, but fun things.”

And these guys can’t wait to see what they’ll discover each day. 

Kiara said, “school is a place to learn and it’s really good for your brain.”


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