Heating bill shock

January heating bills shocking the midwest
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PETj45ecqoo]

MASON CITY, Iowa – Heading to the mailbox is never a fun thing after such a chilly month since we’re all expecting that inevitable and pricey energy bill.

With the bitterly cold temperatures and wind we saw throughout January, it’ll be no surprise that we’ll have some steep bills to pay in return for energy companies keeping our houses warm.

Melissa Schoneberg, the executive director for Habitat for Humanity North Iowa, says that helping people avoid these costly bills is her main mission this time of year.

“What we want to do, is see how much insulation they have,” she said, “check the roof so if there’s problems with the roof or if there is air escaping there, that’s something that maybe we can help with, as well as replacing windows and doors,” she said.

Replacing these key items in your home can help prevent you from those harsh drafts that just about everyone talked about this past month.

Jim Collins, the key account manager with Alliant Energy, is the man in charge of sending you those dreaded bills, and while he knows everyone might cringe at the number, he reminds everyone that it’s all relative.

“People use a lot of natural gas, and the price for their natural gas bill from Alliant Energy will be higher than say of course, something in July,” Collins said.

With January 15th being the undesignated half way point for the winter season, which means we’re nearly out of the cold.

However, half way means there still the other half of winter we have to get through, so planning ahead will help keep your bills lower until spring comes.

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