Big game is not so super for all


MASON CITY, Iowa – The Super Bowl has become a worldwide event, and somewhat of an unofficial holiday here in the U.S.

Regan Banks, the youth director for the North Iowa Youth Center, is a Vikings fan, and even though his team is not in the competition this year, he still isn’t taking the event lightly.

“It’s going to be a great time,” Banks said, “we just thought we’d come together, all of the volunteers we have at the North Iowa Youth Center, and reach out to all the kids and let them experience what a big game Super Bowl party is all about.”

He’s not the only one gearing up for the big event.

Brian Smith, the customer experience executive at the Super Target in Mason City, says he’s seen people gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday for the past few weeks.

“Food has been primarily our business the last three days,” Smith said, “it was a huge day yesterday in food, appetizers pizza soft drinks alcohol.”

Treats and game day favorites were not the only things flying off the shelves.

“I just helped someone yesterday who bought a 60-inch TV and he was really excited just to get it mounted and watch the game,” Smith said.

For some people, the super bowl was the last thing on their minds.

On our KIMT News 3’s Facebook page, many people were posting about things they would rather be doing instead of watching the game.

Hannah said she rarely watches it, but her family is a big fan of the game, while Matthew thinks the canine version is much more entertaining.

For the most part, people knew when the Super Bowl XLVIII was, but Nikki didn’t exactly know what was going on, but said she would have had a reverse celebration in honor of today.

Sunday’s game is often thought of as an opportunity to eat a little more and spend a little extra time on the couch with friends and family, but Banks sees it in a totally different way.

“Think it’s a big thing I think it’s a thing that people look forward to the call at the big game it’s like New Year’s Eve looking for something new to do.”

Last year an estimated 12.4 million people tuned into watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, and according to a CBS Money Watch report, this big game has quite a big impact on the economy.

A person hosting a Super Bowl get together with an “average” group of 17, can expect to spend nearly $500 on game day food and drinks.

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