Impact of the Winter Dance Party

Impact of Winter Dance Party

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – Well, Clear Lake is definitely not rockin’ and rollin’ as much anymore with the Winter Dance Party wrapping up last night.

Rookies on Main Street in Clear Lake hosted a dance on Saturday night and visitors from all over stopped in for food and drinks throughout the weekend.

While the Winter Dance Party has no doubt grown over the years, Al Hejna, the co-owner of Rookies, said it was not one of their record breaking years in terms of sales.

He says that this weekend is critical for bringing people into the area during a lower traffic time of year, but it also comes at a cost.

“Is a big boost in sales,” Hejna said, “but whenever there’s a big boost in sales, it comes with a big boost in expense, so we have to put a lot more people on, more employees, obviously we have to hire the DJ, which is an expense.”

However, it pays off.

The show was sold out, as it is most years, and the 12 acts brought endless entertainment throughout the weekend.

Laurie Lietz, the executive director at the Surf Ballroom says that this weekend can bring in anywhere from $1 to $2 million in just one weekend.

Between all of the dancing and live music there were several other events like movie showings, luncheons, and even some renewed wedding vows and marriages.

Lietz says the weekend was smooth with little to no issues and she’s beyond please with how all of their hard work panned out.

“It’s just really fun to see the community get involved people dressing up in their stores,” she says, “the owners and the staff members just to be a part of it all so it’s a lot of fun.”

Event coordinators are still trying to catch their breath from the hectic weekend, but they’re already looking forward to next year.

Lietz says it’ll be tough to make any year top this one, but she’s up for the challenge and is excited to get going with the big plans for the next go around.

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