Congressman talks propane shortage


WEST CONCORD, Minn. — It’s a problem we’ve been telling you about for weeks and now a Congressman from our area is bringing light to the issue.

U.S. Representative Tim Walz (DFL) of Minnesota visited the home of Matt and Holly Hoffer this morning.

The West Concord Family relies primarily on propane to heat their home and because of the current shortage their propane bill has nearly quadrupled in the last month.

Walz says with the demand and price for propane on the rise and it’s time for people in Washington to take notice.

“Try and make sure both in the short run we alleviate some of that pain,” Walz said. “Safety of folks is important, this is cold weather than can hurt and can kill if it’s not done right, but also to look to the future to make sure this doesn’t happen.”

Officials in Minnesota have set up a special propane hotline for residents of the state.

You can call: 1-800-657-3504.

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