Margaret Brown Sentencing


MASON CITY, Iowa – A north Iowa woman hears her fate in connection to a serious crash.

30-year-old Margaret Brown of Sheffield is in court today to hear what her sentence is after being charged and convicted of two counts of child endangerment, but prosecutors believe jail time is not needed.

“Because of the defendants lack of criminal history and the fact that she does have a child at home with her, DHS is involved up to this point in making sure the child safety, that five years probation sentence is enough to make sure that this conduct does not occur again,” said Blake Norman, Assistant County Attorney for Cerro Gordo County.

Brown’s attorney, Rich Tompkins agrees and suggests that Brown is ready to move on from these charges.

“She acknowledges that, there is evidence obviously for the court to find and did find beyond a reasonable doubt, that she’s guilty. She accepts that,” said Tompkins.

Judge Rustin Davenport  gives brown an opportunity to speak for herself before sentencing, which she takes, but only to support her claim of innocence.

“They did not hear my side of the story about what happened. They went by Jenk’s side and my 8-year-old. I blacked out. I don’t know what happened. My mom is a witness, my husband is a witness,” said Margaret Brown.

Taking into consideration the recommendations from both counsel and the state, Judge Davenport agrees that brown will not need jail time and opts for five years probation instead.

“Pre-sentence investigation outlines several areas that you need working on that the court finds are best done by leading you under the supervision of the Department of Corrections in the community and having those services provided to you,” said Judge Davenport.

40-year-old, Robin Jenks who was the driver of the vehicle was sentenced last month to ten years in prison.

Five years for child endangerment resulting in bodily injury and five years for serious injury by vehicle.

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