New technology for nerve testing

Probe for nerve testing

BRITT, Iowa – New technology has become available for one north Iowa hospital and is helping doctors understand signs of carpal tunnel.

Respiratory therapist, Molly Schaefer says that because of the high number of repetitive action jobs like factory and assembly line workers, this will be very helpful for the area.

The Nerve Conduction Machine is the newest tool that helps doctor’s pinpoints any nerve damage that could lead to conditions like carpal tunnel.

The device is designed to send a small shockwave into the patient’s wrist to stimulate the nerves in the arm.

Once the shock makes contact with the nerves, the diagnosis can then be made and further treatment of numbness or tingling in fingers and hands.

Schaefer says that this technology is not only helpful on a medical level, but on an economical level as well.

“Living in a small community, it’s extremely nice to have a specialized service that we can offer here at the hospital,” she said, “having those patients be able to stay local and being to able to support their own community.”

It’s still in its early stages as therapists like Schaefer are continuing to train on the device but once the preliminary work is done, they’re hoping to have everything up and running and available for patient use by the end of the month.

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