US Senate forum in North Iowa

GOP forum in Charles City, IA

CHARLES CITY, Iowa –  In just five months, the Republicans will be holding their primary elections to narrow the race down to one person to face off against Congressman Bruce Braley in the race for U.S. Senate.

Right now there are six republicans in the race.

But before the primary, comes meet and greet times.

Meet George Mitchell and Dave Ripley.

They’re both from Charles city and have a passion for well, politics.

“Sometimes, politics is a big part of our lives now and issues,” said George and Dave.

They each said they’ve attended more than a dozen forums through out their lives.

While one forum in particular stands out:

“Oh that one for King and Vilsack over in Mason we went to that one.”

They say each one is different every time.

Monday night in CharlesCity, six Republicans vying for the nomination to run for U.S. Senate are trying to convince voters to support them.

Those running are candidates Sam Clovis, Joni Ernst, Mark Jacobs, Paul Lunde, Matt Whitaker, and Scott Schaben.

Floyd County Republican Chairman, David Schrodt, says he’s just excited to see who all shows up audience wise.

“What I’m looking forward to is good attendance; this is from five different counties. We’re hoping we’re able to draw people,” said Schrodt.

Schrodt helped to plan this event, hoping to give voters throughout North Iowa a chance to meet the candidates at one time.

“Very excited that this time of year to have them all at one spot and as they campaign goes on I’m sure we’ll see them as individuals throughout the North-Central Iowa area to have them all at once, answer questions, and interact with us I think is great,” said Schrodt.

For George and Dave, they just hope everyone takes something from this talk to the voters.

“If you don’t know who you’re voting for its hard to vote. Informed is the best vote,” they say.

Another forum has not yet been scheduled for all six candidates.

The U.S. Senate seat is currently being held by Tom Harkin, who will be retiring after this year.

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