Warning of puppy mills

Brochure on what a puppy mill is
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxhYFyJQkAA]

MASON CITY, Iowa –  Do you know what you’re getting when you add a new puppy to the family?

Some say “No”, and are working to teach people about puppy mills in the state of Iowa.

Monday night in Mason City, folks are learning all about puppy mills.

They are facilities that breed dogs in large numbers to sell to pet traders, but some mills in our area, according to Mary LaHay, are not following code.

She is the founder of Iowa Friends of Companion Animals, an organization that works to raise awareness when the puppy mills do not meet standards.

LaHay says it’s a consumer protection issue.

“A lot of these puppies are coming out of these places are not healthy animals. So buyers are spending a lot of money for a puppy, that puppy gets sick, and costs a lot in vet bills and the consumer is just out all that money,” said LaHay.

LaHay says she recommends that pet owners meet the mother of the puppy to check out the conditions she is living in.

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