Political parties gather for caucuses

Minnesota GOP caucus
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biaHQvxDwns]

ALBERT LEA, Minn. — It is not a presidential election, but those in Minnesota will have a lot on their ballots this year.

From a U.S. Senate seat to all of the U.S. House seats, plus voting for the governor will all be votes Minnesotans will be placing.

Those with the Freeborn County DFL took caucus night with a laid back approach. Everyone gathered to register and discuss some of the current issues.

“There’s a lot of things going on. Frac mining and minimum wage, that’s a big one I think, just a lot of different issues,” said Roselyn Anderson of the Freeborn County DFL.

She said there are other events planned leading up to the November elections, but sometimes they just want to discuss what they think has been going right with the state’s leadership so far.

“They should think about the things that have been happening. Getting our school bills paid for our students. He’s trying to lower the tuition for college kids, we’ve got all-day kindergarten. There’s so many things that he’s done,” Anderson said.

Just down the road, those with the Freeborn County GOP have some different issues they would like to see addressed.

“We need to be more organized about bringing new jobs to the state. We really notice it right here being on the fringe with Iowa, the towns along Wisconsin and the Dakotas. They notice this more than anything,” said Rich Murray of the Freeborn County GOP.

They know in order to make their voices heard they have got to take a more proactive approach then they have in the past. The caucus is the first step in that process.

“Our big plan is that we need to get more people active in the party. We need to get more young people involved and so we have really been working on recruiting more people to come out, join us bring their ideas,” Murray said.

All of the Minnesota House seats are being voted on this year. State Rep. Shannon Savick is holding the seat for the Freeborn County Area now, but both Milan Hart and Peggy Bennett are hoping to run against her on the Republican side.

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