Shopping competition for local food bank

Food donations for local food bank

MASON CITY, Iowa – The past few months have been pretty focused on food; whether it’s making food, serving food or buying food, but one local organization decided to help people give food on Tuesday morning.

The Cerro Gordo farm bureau sponsored the second annual “Grab and Give Food Grown from Farmers” event this morning.

12 teams competed to see how many groceries they could grab in a short matter of time and have their final tab come as close to $250 as they could.

President of Cerro Gordo’s Farm Bureau, Kevin Pope said that last year’s event was a huge success and this year’s proved to be just the same.

“I think our total was about $3,300 for the food bank.”

While that is a lot of money and food contributed to the cause, the morning also proved to be helpful in raising awareness about local farmers and their contributions for feeding the area.

“You know everything on the shelves pretty much is starts out as a crop it’s produced somewhere so hopefully it brings awareness to wear your food actually comes from.”

The winner of this morning’s event was Mason City all risk insurance with a total of two hundred fifty five, just five dollars over the goal.

All of the food will be donated to the food bank this week and those in charge say that because of the event’s success, they plan to have another competition next year.

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