Businesses beware

Suspect in burglary case

MASON CITY, Iowa –  We told you break-ins that have been happening in one local town, and now a warning is being sent out to business owners: Lock up tight.

Officers tell us it all started Sunday night into Monday morning, and they are hoping to put a stop to it.

In just three days, there have been a total of four burglaries in Mason City.

From restaurants to tattoo parlors police don’t think the suspect or suspects have one particular kind of target, but a local business owner says this is something everyone should be concerned about.

It’s a phone call no store owner wants to hear.

“It was like oh my god, what’s going on now. It was like 4:30 in the morning, my morning manager and it’s like what’s going on she goes actually you have a front door that’s busted,” said Kittleson.

Bruce Kittleson, owns Hardee’s in Mason City.

He says the burglary is a nuisance more than anything, but he’s thankful he has it all on tape.

“This guys in here a 1:45 seconds run through the place, knew he couldn’t get in to my office. Didn’t find anything up front, tried to get out one door, and couldn’t get out the door so he’s going to break the door. The door didn’t break because we had a piece over it so he runs out the back door and that was it,” said Kittleson.

But Kittleson’s business isn’t the only one trying to clean up after a burglary.

The mexican restaurant Cancun and Mystic Lanes bowling alley also had someone enter their business, and then walk out.

“Yes, that is concerning to us because we want to make sure businesses are safe and that people feel their property is safe,” said Aaron Onder, an Investigator with the Mason City Police Department.

Onder says at this point they have a few leads, but they need the community’s help.

“We’re asking if they hear about anything or know anything first hand or possibly have seen something go on, please give us a call,” said Onder.

And Kittleson says he’s hoping it all gets figured out.

“He was in and out, got out, kind of like thank you for not doing more damage then you already did, two doors, 400 bucks,” said Kittleson.

Kittleson says nothing was taken out of his store, luckily.

Police are not sharing details about that when it comes to the other burglaries.

Kittleson’s advice to other business owners is to make sure your cameras are working because they could crack the case.

No matter what, he says as business owners you always have to prepare for what could happen.

If you have any information on any of these burglaries please contact the Mason City Police Department.

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