Community center discussions growing

Blazing Star Landing

ALBERT LEA, Minn. — The community of Albert Lea just revamped their downtown area, but they do not want to stop there.

For the past few years, City Manager Chad Adams has been gathering information about building a community center in town, but this year the search is getting a little more serious.

One location that is being looked at is the Blazing Star Landing.

“We want the community center to be on some type of a major corridor so it’s easily accessible. We’re also going through a facilities master plan right now for all city facilities, so for example, we’re going to evaluate the City Arena, the ice arena,” Adams said.

Adams said they want to get community input soon on the project on things like where to locate it and how to pay for it.

“We know that there are a lot of interested organizations out there in this type of a project as well as our senior resources and potentially a senior center long term, so trying to make sure that we’re having a conversation with all of those groups,” Adams said.

He said the city is looking to fill the Blazing Star Landing after sitting empty for more than a decade.

Ideally they would like it to be something that would have a solid tax base and create jobs and they think a community center would do both.

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