Mapping out Clear Lake

Scott Grummer

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – Looking at Clear Lake from the outside, you wouldn’t be able to tell just how deep or really how big the lake is.

But now, you can.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has a new map showing the depth of ClearLake in all of its regions.

This could help anglers better navigate the lake to find fish, and for those working at the fish hatchery near the shore, this map will certainly come in handy.

“The main importance is just we got a lot better technology now and we can also use it for management things, we can look at habitat areas. We can also evaluate lake restoration work,” said Scott Grummer, a biologist with Clear Lake Fish Hatchery.

Grummer says the map for Clear Lake hasn’t been updated since the 1970.

Before open water season, other maps will be available including where reefs and certain habitat’s are.

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