Updating road conditions on social media

Updating road conditions on social media
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FOREST CITY, Iowa – After all of the blizzard conditions we’ve seen in north Iowa and southern Minnesota, it has been nice to see some good road conditions for a change.

However, when things take a turn for the worse, it’s always nice to be updated on what’s going on to keep the roads clear.

Local authorities in one county are now relying on Facebook and Twitter to inform people in the area of what’s going on during any season.

Winnebago county engineers hope that being on social media outlets will help change the way they tell people about road closures and road conditions.

Scott Meinders kick started this effort and says that especially in the winter, it’s important for authorities to be able to give the latest information as soon as possible.

“We’ll be trying to reach out to schools so that people can make better decisions when they’re waking up in the morning,” Meinders says, “we have the advantage of being out in the morning earlier than most people, so we kind of have a perspective that’s important to share.”

Liking the page will give you access to seeing what projects the county engineers and road crews are working on no matter what the season.

Meinders said that residents in the area expect to see crews out in the winter because of all of the snow removal, but it’s not something they typically think about in the spring and summer so updating people on various project and where roads will be closed will help keep everyone in the loop.

“We do everything from bridge replacements to culvert replacements and road maintenance you know all of that is fairly brief and so a lot of people don’t notice it but if you’re a mile away is where you live you’re going to want to know why your road is closed.”

Pictures of snowy roadways or various projects the county engineers department is working on it will be posted on both pages to allow their followers to stay up to date.

If you’re not clued into Facebook or Twitter, you can always find all of this information right here on KIMT News 3’s website under weather and closings.

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