Courthouse demolition meeting

Rubble of Mitchell County Courthouse

OSAGE, Iowa –  It’s a matter of saving what they can.

Those with DORE & Associates Contracting say the old vault doors, some wooden beams, and bricks are all items they’ve been able to partially salvage from the wreckage.

It’s all being down to keep a part of history for folks, free of charge, and some are very grateful for that.

For those like Dean Pohren, while the courthouse may be rubble now, it’s still a pile of memories.

“I had an office in the building for 20 plus years and it was basically the first office that was removed, the assessor’s office, so in a way it was kind of sad to see that go,” said Pohren.

But he’s ready for what’s coming next.

At a meeting Thursday night in Osage, he’s one of a few who came out to ask the demolition crew for an update on the project.

He especially wants to know how the new building will be financed.

“The cheapest way possible from my standpoint, I don’t want the building to be cheap but I just want the payments to be as feasible as possible for the taxpayers,” said Pohren.

And that’s one thingCounty Supervisor, Shannon Paulus, agrees with him about.

“The lower interest rate and then people are more on board with it. We’re here based on their approval by election they can make the decision by election as well,” said Paulus.

Here are the options:

Either use the revenue bonds and not have the community vote or use general obligation bonds which would need a vote from citizens.

The revenue bonds would have a higher interest rate.

But while that may the issue in months to come, many are still working on trying to get over what’s happening in the moment.

“I just spoke to someone and said I knew it was going to happen but the other night when I went passed it, it was hard.>

“It was a neat building from the outside, but it was old on the inside,” said Pohren.

Paulus says they have till November to decide how the building will be financed.

No bids have been placed either on constructing the brand new courthouse, but whatever goes up, she hopes the community embraces the fresh start.

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