February’s Giving Your Best Volunteer of the Month

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnkQu_8Svvk]

Each month we take time to recognize a person who’s making a difference in our area.

And tonight we have the story of a woman who doesn’t let a disability keep her from giving her best each day.

KIMT News 3 and our Giving Your Best partners, First Citizens National Bank and Diamond Jo Casino are bringing you, her story.

It began as just a regular day at Central Preschool for Ellen Stewart, but it didn’t end that way

Ellen volunteers at the school two days a week for the entire day, something she’s done since 2006.

But Ellen is learning today, would be a little different at the preschool.

She had no idea she was up for an award, and didn’t know what to say.

Ellen says she doesn’t do her volunteer work for an award, but that working with the *kids is what keeps her coming back year after year.

“I like the school, helping the little kids and stuff,” says Stewart.

Rachel Connerley nominated Ellen and tells us, she’s always in a good mood and never too busy to pay 100% attention to the children that need her.

She also says that since 2006 Ellen has never missed a day  and never accepted any pay for her work.

Those at the school say even though Ellen has an intellectual disability, seeing her interact with the children opens your eyes to what an amazing person Ellen Stewart really is.

Those who work with Ellen say they’re not exactly sure how many hours she’s dedicated to volunteering at central preschool, but they say their estimate is that it adds up to well over 2500 hours.

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