Golden Apple: Sarah Downing



The key to teaching social studies is to not take things too seriously – at least that’s according to Sarah Downing.

She said, “I’m a little bit crazy, my kids say that a lot I’m a little crazy and little nuts and i think that helps to make history fun.”

 But she also knows there’s a time to be serious and push her students to be their best.

 Each kid is a different learner and so it is really important that you do spend one-on-one time with your students and make sure that you know where they’re at and that you keep up with their learning.”

 That’s something one of her seniors agrees with.

 Senior, Chelsea Severin said,”She will come and sit down next to me and talk to me personally and like explaining like word for word, okay you going to do this and once I do that step, she’ll go to the next one and just break it down step-by-step to make it easy.”

Many students can feel overwhelmed once they get to high school, that’s why Sarah says, she’s happy to help whenever she’s needed.

“There’s the teacher side of you, but there’s also the other side they can come to you and talk to and help them get through those other problems to be able to focus on their schoolwork.”

And sometimes having a role model like that is all a student needs.

Chelsea said, “You can easily talk to her and she does judge you she will just help you through it.”

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