More on OMC database breach

Olmsted Medical Center

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Some southern Minnesota employees are on high alert after a data breach earlier this week.

The Olmsted Medical Center has been made aware of a breach of information stored in their employee database.

They are saying they have no evidence any of the information contained protected health information, medical records and financial institution accounting or routing numbers.

They are working with the FBI’s Cyber Crimes division. The Rochester Police Department said they are not involved, but have been approached by some employees.

“This is something that we see more and more of and now you’ve really got to use those consumer alerts and fraud alerts to protect you as an individual if you feel your data’s been compromised,” said Captain John Sherwin of the Rochester Police Department.

He said they are telling employees the same advice given by OMC.

“It starts with the individual making sure that you’re monitoring your financial accounts, bank accounts, bank statements, credit card information, looking for any suspicious or unauthorized activity,” Sheriwin said.

OMC has since made temporary space, personnel and equipment for employees to take the recommended actions to protect themselves.

They will also be holding 30 minute identity theft protection information sessions for their employees next week.

They say they have no reason to believe that it was an internal breach.

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