New legislation hopes to combat cough medicine abuse


It’s estimated that in Iowa one in 20 high school seniors have abused over-the-counter medicines.

Now, a state lawmaker is hoping to fight that with a new piece of legislation.

Iowa congressman Bruce Braley is introducing the bipartisan “Preventing Abuse of Cough Medicine Treatment Act.”

The goal is to prevent teens from abusing the drug dextromethorpham which is found in many cough syrups by restricting sales to people 18 years and older.

“In the past at least, we’ve heard it being referred to as “robo-trippin” they’ll drink a whole bottle of the Robitussin and it will cause them to have a sort of a sensation of a psychedelic experience from what they’ve described,” says Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor, Mark Dodd.

Dodd says abusing the cough syrup can be very dangerous and can easily lead to overdose.

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