Why you should wait before making RAGBRAI housing/camping plans

Stolen bikes return to owners
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rW5XQHqd7k]

Ever since the announcement came that RAGBRAI will be stopping through some north Iowa communities this summer, folks have been anticipating and planning for cyclists to stay at their homes.

But RAGBRAI officials are telling homeowners and businesses to hold off on making any plans just yet.

The event will bring more than 15,000 people through ForestCity and Mason City this July, and city officials have already had a large number of requests to reserve housing and camping.

Officials with RAGBRAI are advising folks not to offer you home, business, or property until a Housing Committee is formed.

“Everybody wants to, we’re excited, we’re getting a lot of phone calls but wait until May 1st the Housing Committee will start matching and making sure that we’re utilizing our open spaces the best that we can,” says Jodee O’Brien, Director of Main Street Mason City.

If you’re interested in having your business – or residence available for camping or housing you can contact the RAGBRAI housing committee.


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