County buys abandoned railroad



ALBERT LEA, Minn. — It’s been a move almost three years in the making.
And now, there is clarity to what will happen to an old rail line near Albert Lea.
Freeborn County is learning that their 1.1 million dollar offer for a 12 mile stretch of abandoned railroad has been accepted by Union Pacific.

The county raised the money by applying for and getting grants.

It stretches from Albert Lea to just south of Hartland.
And now that the land is being purchased, leaders say the real work can begin.
“Now, we need to have a vision of where this is going or what are we going to do with it,” Freeborn County Board of Commissioners Board Chair Christopher Shoff said. “The possibilities are endless and the potential for redevelopment, especially within the heart of the city of Albert Lea are immense.”
He adds the route intersects the existing Front Street bike lane and connects to the Blazing Star Trail.

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