Fitness Friday: Cold Weather Running


For those outdoor enthusiasts out there, winter can be an absolute nightmare, but you can still get your run in,if you prepare properly with the right gear.

Running out in the open – the wind in your face, the sound of your feet on the pavement, and these days….snow!

To stay comfy and alive during a winter run, it’s all about the layers. Let’s start from the bottom and work up.

Wear shoes you know have good traction with some sweat wicking socks. Multi-sport one’s are preferable, but high-quality sneakers will do. Next, choose long tight-fitting pants to keep you toasty without weighing you down.

For your upper body, experts recommend a three-piece approach. The first layer should be a sweat-wicking base.

The second, a fleece-like zip, up and finally a weather-proof jacket like a windbreaker, or a bit of a heavier one if needed.

And about that cold air, it can be enough to make you turn around and head back to bed, but instead, invest in a gaitor.

It helps your neck stay nice and warm, and some exercise physiologists even recommend pulling it over your nose and mouth to act as a humidifier.

Lastly,cover up those ears, but with a headband instead of a hat. Those guys can trap too much heat.

And of course don’t forget your gloves. Now you’re ready to go. That layering approach should be enough to get you through an outdoor run, but when it gets into the negative temps, remember, that’s what indoor gyms and treadmills are for.

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