Local Casey’s for sale

Casey's for sale in BRITT, IA

BRITT, Iowa –  There’s a building for sale in one local community, but it comes with a lot of restrictions for a potential buyer.

This old Casey’s building in downtown Britt has been for sale for about 6 months.

But there are some stipulations on it.

According to Casey’s Real Estate Department, groceries, gasoline, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, pizza, and donuts can not be sold there for the next 15 years.

City Council member Dwight Leerar says that forces a buyer to think outside the box.

“Well at first we thought, I thought, oh boy this is really going to make it tough but I think there’s enough creative people that I’m sure can be thought of that would work in there,” said Leerar.

There is still a Casey’s General Store in town, they just moved to a new location off of Highway 18.

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