It’s all about deer in Mitchell County

Big Buck Competition in Mitchell County

OSAGE, Iowa – The first annual Big Buck Contest kicked off at the Mitchell County Conservation Center in Osage on Saturday.

The event included a tasting of different types of deer bacon, sausage and jerky, and that was just one small piece of the day.

Hunters from all over the county brought in their prize shots from this deer season to be measured and sized up against other competition.

Chelsea Ewen, a Naturalist for the conservation center said that events like this can be helpful for hunters who are passionate about getting a trophy for their trophy racks.

“It’s right before the Iowa Deer Classic, which is the state wide competition, and so it’s a good chance to get your rack officially scored so it makes your process down there easier.”

While the day was focused around the competition, Ewen said she’s always interested in seeing the different demographics in the area.

“It’s really interesting especially if their Mitchell County dear to see what kind of genetics we have and what our deer are look like from this county”

Prizes were given to hunters with the biggest deer racks and they included a new ATV as well as a brand new hunting gun.

Since this is the first year of the event, coordinators like Ewen said they were surprised and very satisfied with the turnout, especially since the weather was not too ideal.

“Even with the snow we’re still getting people coming in” Ewen said, “we’ve got lots of different interest areas. We’ve got things from guide it hunting trips, to lockers, to taxidermist, so anything deer related.

Ewen said that one of her goals was to find local people to come set up tables at her event so that residents and area hunters can understand what the county has to offer.

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