SocialICE 2014 wraps up


The snow and dropping temperatures today aren’t stopping hundreds of people from spending time outdoors.

The sixth annual SocialICE event is wrapping up tonight in Rochester.

As folks walk around the PeacePlaza in downtown Rochester, they’re mesmerized by dozens of ice sculptures lining the streets and even doubling as furniture.

One of the people behind these works of art is Maurie Pearson.

“I did my first ice carving in 1973, I don’t want to tell my age but I was really young, okay I wasn’t that young.”

He works for Black River Ice Sculptors out of LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

It’s one of the 4 ice carving companies that contributed all the beautiful sculptures to the event.

Maurie and his team got started on their work on Monday and have been carving all week.

“We put in some long days and some hard ones but it’s a lot of fun and as you can see I think people really enjoy it,” says Pearson.

Tonight he’s working on sculpting this block of ice into this elephant.

He says it’s a process, this piece will take him a couple of hours.

“I’ll do all the rough cuts with a chainsaw, then I’ll come back with hand tools to kind of shape it up after that.”

But it’s not just the ice sculptures drawing crowds outdoors.

Folks spent time “chilling” at 7 different ice bars all with different themes.

“It’s just a great environment it brings people out in the cold kind of brings them out into the elements when generally a lot of people don’t like to come out in the winter time,” says Zeb Hermanson, an ice bar bartender.

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