Cold weather impacting fish


ALBERT LEA, Minn. — The winter weather is has been creating all sorts of trouble across our area.
And in Albert Lea, it’s playing a role in fish kills.
Fish are dying near Fountain Lake in Albert Lea because of low oxygen in the lake.
Experts say the early cold weather; along with snow cover has contributed to the situation.
And that’s why many fish are making their way to this spot by the channel, to find oxygen.
“We’re getting low oxygen readings this year,” SRRWD Conservation Technician Jerad Stricker said. “Oxygen is really low. Those fish are finding any available refuge that they can right now and one place happens to be in the channel.”
He says it isn’t a dire situation.
While it’s sad to see, it does provide them the chance to move carp out of the lake.
And he adds they were already on the DNR’s list to have their lakes re-stocked with fish.

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