Small communities losing EMS service

Allison EMS

ALLISON, Iowa –  You want to know someone will be there quickly to help you in an emergency, but the reality is, small communities are having a problem keeping their local ambulance services around.

All because of a lack of volunteers.

Smaller communities rely on unpaid workers to make up their EMS units, and it’s a big commitment.

Many are on call constantly, which means dedicating a lot of hours.

With a drop in volunteers, Iowa towns must turn to surrounding communities for help.

One local Emergency Management Coordinator, Mitch Nordmeyer, knows the situation all too well.

“When you have to basically downgrade yourself that’s hard on them because EMS people take a great pride in what they do, fire is the same way, but they’re working for their community its tough if they have to give something up,” Nordmeyer.

Nordmeyer says they’ve already lost one ambulance service within ButlerCounty.

He says one way to fix the problem, would be by increasing taxes to help pay for the service.

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