Bill could ban cellphones in work zones


KIMT NEWS 3 — Stricter laws could be on the way for Minnesota drivers in construction work zones.
A Minnesota house committee is discussing a potential bill that would ban cellphone use, hands free or otherwise, in all work zones.
It would also increase penalties for drivers who speed.
While the potential bills will be discussed in the coming weeks by lawmakers, MnDOT leaders say drivers always need to pay attention when entering a work zone.
“It’s about paying attention, going slow, be aware of your surroundings,” MnDOT Public Affairs Coordinator Mike Dougherty said. “You can best do that when you have two hands on the wheel and your eyes looking ahead. Not talking on a cellphone.  So overall, we just really encourage drivers to pay full attention to what’s on the roadway.”
According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, crashes in work zones have resulted in more than 4,000 injuries and 41 deaths over the past five years.

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