Fantasy Football cash prizes legalized in Iowa

Fantasy football legal in Iowa

MASON CITY, Iowa – The football season just wrapped up last week as football fans everywhere tuned into the Super Bowl.

Many fans have already started looking forward to what next year could bring as Iowa lawmakers have added a favorite football pastime to their 2014 legislative session agenda.

The Iowa Senate approved a bill that would allow people who participate in the pig skin leagues to compete for monetary prizes.

Sports bars, like tailgaters in Mason City, are thrilled to have something like this law legalized and in the books.

One manager says he’s hopeful this new bill could help increase their business going forward and it already looking ahead to next season.

“I think we’ll actually be able to add a little more business doing an in-house league and doing varieties of things with that whether its promotions or giveaways, or we’re working with beer companies and different businesses.”

The new bill will not make any changes to expand gambling laws in the state…but will just focus on fantasy football leagues.

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