Minnesota colleges face increase in sex assault cases


AUSTIN, Minn. – Reports of sexual assaults in Minnesota colleges is seeing a sharp increase and some say it’s a call for urgency.

While the surge in reported cases has increased by nearly 30 percent, experts suggest this is due to more victims coming forward, but despite an increase in awareness, the number of cases continues to remain steady.

According to one area safety expert, increasing numbers are now taking a more comprehensive look at sexually based crime.

“Now we report on issues of domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. So those are issues that are gonna now be reported to the public and to the government. Another area that we’re expanding on is we have to update or sexual violence policies and procedures to make sure that they’re more accurate,” said Mike Howe, Safety Administrator with Riverland Community College.

President Barack Obama has been among the national leaders calling for more legislation and improvements on to help decrease the alarming trend.

According to a White House report, nearly one in five women have been raped in their lifetimes and the risks are even higher for women on college campuses.

By introducing a new task force for combating college sexual assaults, President Obama says he hopes to curb this epidemic.

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