Cold, biter winter keeps travel agencies busy


If you’re like us around here, you are just tired of the bitter cold, snow, and wintry weather. These winter weather woes have many people in our area dreaming of warmer weather.

Those in the business of making those travel dreams come true have been busier than ever.

“The last couple of weeks of this weather has just been terrible.”

If you asked most in north Iowa and southern Minnesota their sentiments about this winter, their reaction would be something like this.

People are sick and tired of the freezing cold. So far this winter we have spent a chilly 478 hours below zero which has many people turning to relief at their travel agents office.

“We’ve had more calls in the last week or so people that weren’t going to go somewhere are now thinking yes, with the cold weather let’s try to,” says Carol Behne, Owner of Destination Travel.

The ClearLake travel agency started seeing an uptick in business around mid January and have booked several last minute trips to warmer climates.

“They’re basically not really caring where just somewhere warm, it doesn’t matter as long as they have passports, they can go wherever and they’re just looking for what available, what’s left,” explains Behne.

Horizon Travel in Rochester says they’ve had people desperate to book a last minute getaway and unfortunately a lot of the spring break hotels are full.

Sybil Soukup of ClearLake thought ahead and has her spring break vacation already on the calendar.

“My fiancé and I are actually going to a little island off the cost of Cancun for a while just to relax, enjoy the weather and just escape the Iowa winter,” she says.

If you’re still hoping to book a last minute trip to warmer weather here are some tips from travel agents.

Since many people have already planned their spring trips a lot of places are full so don’t be picky when it comes to choosing a destination.

Also be flexible when it comes to dates and have a couple in mind when going to plan your trip.

Unfortunately if you’re looking to find a trip on a budget, you might be a little late for that.

But, there is always next year and maybe we won’t have to deal with the cold for too much longer.

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