Golden Apple: Lisa Durby

5th graders are often full of questions and lots of energy and it’s Lisa Durby’s job to guide them

She said, “School is their job their work to do and they need to get it done and get it turned in.”

She says responsibility is one of the most important lessons she can teach to her students.

“In elementary, you have someone who’s always keeping an eye on you, you’re in the same classroom all day long and when you get up to the Junior High, you have many different teachers, different classrooms, and you got to learn how to be responsible for your work.”

But she’s also not afraid to have a little fun.

5th Grader, Ali Hanson said, “She’s my favorite teacher. She’s funny and when we get our agenda signed all week, she gives us a Jolly Rancher on Monday.”

Because Lisa feel’s that’s when her students are most successful.

She said, “I’m always walking around the room, calling on people to read whether they’re ready or not, make sure they’re following along. I ask for volunteers, the kids get to pick other readers.”

And they feel like winners when they finally get something they’ve struggled with.

Ali said, “It feels good when I know that I know something better.”

For Lisa, that’s the best feeling in the world.

“When one of the kids will all of a sudden say ‘Oh this was fun, or I get this now or, oh now I understand. ‘ I did my job today.”

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