Sex offender registers as homeless


ROCHESTER, Minn. — A level three sex offender is changing his address and police are letting the public know.
But, there’s a bit of a twist.
Sadik Hussein recently registered as homeless in the vicinity of the 200 block of North Broadway Avenue
Even though he is registering as homeless, officers tell us he still needs to give them a very detailed spot where they can find him and he will also need to check in every week.
“Literally, if they are living under a bridge, they would need to tell us what bridge it is and then they come to our front window at the Police Department and they have to check in every week,” Lt. Craig Anderson of the Rochester Police Department said. “So, if he comes in on one Tuesday, were expecting him the next Tuesday. Then, we try to keep little closer tabs on that.”
He says if a homeless offender failed to check in or is not in the place they say they would be, law enforcement would launch an investigation and that could lead to charges.

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