Mother Nature brings sun and danger

dangerous roads

KIMT News 3 – The sun was shining, the sky was clear, and the roads well, they weren’t ideal.

Blowing snow created a thin layer of ice that can be hard to see, and those elements led to many accidents across the area.

In Charles City a school bus ended up in the ditch around four Thursday afternoon.

It happened when the bus made a turn, and then tried to move over for a snowplow.

Nine students were on the bus, no one was injured.

Luckily another bus was traveling right behind to transfer the children home.

The Avenue of the Saints, heading west, travel was hit and miss.

One minute you saw clear roads, the next you had to slow down and watch out for those icy patches.

Sheriff Deputy Cameron Manson, with Cerro GordoCounty, says work was busier than expected.

“Most dangerous part of the roads Thursday is you’re driving on clear, dry pavement and then you’ll come to a place where there’s an open area and all of a sudden its slick ice,” said Manson.

He told us earlier, two different accidents happened that left several people injured including one on the Avenue of the Saints and Eagle Avenue.

But Manson says, luckily, they all had one thing in common.

“The people were wearing their seat belts definitely when you’re going out into the country for sure and these roads are slick,” said Manson.

He tells us, this day is a reminder, even if the sky is blue and the sun in shining, we still need to be watching out for Mother Nature.

“Many of our sunny days people are just enjoying the weather and they’re not paying attention to their driving, so especially as the suns starts coming up different ways as we more into spring and summer its important to pay attention when you’re on the roads,” said Manson.

Cerro GordoCounty reported nine incidents today dealing with the slick roads.

In Floyd County, there were at least 16 accidents, and dispatchers in Minnesota say accidents were mostly being found along Interstate 35 and I-90.

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