Removing teaching barriers for veterans

BRITT, Iowa – A bill introduced by Iowa Governor Terry Branstad gives veterans, and military spouses,  easier access when it comes to teaching in Iowa.

In past years, veterans or military spouses with teaching credentials would have to meet new requirements as they move from state to state.

This new legislation would remove those requirements in trying to recruit veterans to the state.

Area school leaders say this is a great way to help show support for those who give so much for the country.

“Think about the sacrifices they made so I think it’s easy for the state of Iowa Governor Branstad to make a sacrifice for them and make it easier for them to get a teaching license,” said Wayne Kronemann, Superintendent of West Hancock Schools.

Kronemann served in the military for more than 20 years before retiring a few years ago.

About 70 percent of out-of-state residents who apply for teaching licenses in Iowa must take more course work to meet the state’s standards.

“When they’re military career is over maybe they want to move back to their home town and they don’t have an Iowa teaching license and if there’s any hoops for them to jump through it might sway them from coming back to their hometown or their home state. So I think it’s a good idea,” said Kronemann.

The military exchange license enables these veterans and military spouses to teach up to three years without more courses.

In the fourth year, teachers can teach while taking classes to meet state requirements.

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