Austin Utilities discusses future of northeast plant

Austin Utilities Plant

AUSTIN, Minn. — We recently told you about plans for Austin Utilities to open a new multi-purpose building, but they are also contemplating closing another.

Their northeast power plant is generally on standby mode during the year until an energy user needs to use it.

Officials say keeping the plant open would result in losses of $700,000 a year. Closing it would actually end up saving more money.

“It’s a long process of reviewing a lot of different options, discussing with the utilities, marketers of how we can market that plant. What are some of the options? What are some of the values that this plant brings to the community and can we quantify those?” said Austin Utilities General Manager Mark Nibaur.

He said the board made the decision to extend the agreement one more year, so next year around this time they will come together again on whether or not to keep the plant open.

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