Bringing Moses home

Bringing Moses home

MASON CITY, Iowa – Adoption can be quite a process.

In September of 2011, the Barkema family decided they wanted to adopt.

A year later, they choose Ghana as the country they would adopt from, and then, in November of 2012, they legally adopted their son Moses Barkema.

But, it’s been a more than a year since then, and Moses still isn’t home, now the family is looking to the White House, to make that happen.

The room is ready, the paperwork is done, but one thing is missing, their son.

“Moses is wanting to be here, the first thing he says is usually, “Mommy you come when?” said Sarah Barkema.

And for a mother to hear that, it’s heart breaking.

The Barkemas have been the legal family to their son and brother, Moses, since November of 2012.

But the U.S. Embassy in Ghana won’t hand over his visa, and they continue to ask the family for more paperwork.

“All I remember is Jeremy coming home from work and that is when I knew that we didn’t get it because he never comes home during the middle of the day, and it was crushing. The kids were all expecting it, we were expecting to be traveling that week to pick him up,” said Sarah.

So you might be wondering what is taking so long, it’s the same question this family has.

The Barkemas even traveled back to Ghana to submit the paperwork to the U.S. Embassy.

They also were able to see their son.

Those visits can be tough though, especially when he hasn’t gotten to leave with them.

“Whenever he sees anything in our hand when we’re there he always says are those my papers mommy, are those my papers daddy,” said Sarah.

But nothing has changed

So the family is working hard to bring Moses home.

They’ve started a petition in hopes the president will address the issue.

But they need more than 100,000 signatures by March 14th to even get a look.

Right now, more than 600 have signed from 40 different states.

“We, if we don’t try it could never happen so we’ve just decided we’re going to try. We want people to know that we are legally trying to get a child into the country and there’s no one that’s willing to help us,” said Sarah.

But even through all the difficulty, what gets them through is that their son knows he has a family waiting for him.

“Having knowing our son, it’s totally worth it and I wouldn’t not do it. It’s been so difficult for sure, but it definitely hasn’t been easy,” said Jeremy.

The Barkema family skypes with Moses as often as they can and every time, he asks to see his room.

Sarah and Jeremy say it’s hard to hear, especially since Moses sleeps three to four in a bed in his village right now.

He will be six in March.

Remember you can help the family by signing their petition by going to

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