“Cupid Shuffling” for a cause


FOREST CITY, Iowa – One area college is taking a lighter approach to an issue that affects us all and shuffling against domestic abuse.

Waldorf student-run radio station KZOW is sponsoring the third annual “Cupid Shuffle Dance” to bring awareness against domestic violence.

“We kind of wanted to put a little lighter side to such a big topic. Domestic violence is a big issue and we wanted to just bring some attention to it,” said Teresa Stroesser, Marketing Director with KZOW.

Waldorf Senior Kirsten Wilke is a DJ for today’s event and says she was shocked to hear how often dating violence still occurs.

“I look at my friends, there’s no way that I’d be able to tell that one of them was being abused or someone was abusive. So it’s just interesting to see how the statistics really come about because I would have never imagined that,” said Wilke.

Crisis Intervention Services was also on hand to provide more information for students walking by and let them know, there is assistance if they ever need it.

“If someone has been abused and they know that there is help out there, they’ll probably get the help. Some people might be too scared but if it were me, I would try to get help,” said Cassie Martin, Waldorf Freshman.

Today seven out of ten domestic abuse cases go unreported and if you’re a  college student, experts say the statistics are even more alarming.

“If you feel it’s gonna get violent, leave her alone, go get some help, call somebody to come get you and leave her alone. Just treat her like how you would treat your mom, grandma or your sister,” said Darioan Neal, Waldorf Senior.

This is the third annual Cupid Shuffle Dance that the student-led station has put on.

However, this is the first time the station organized the event for a worthwhile cause.

If you or anyone you know has been affected by domestic violence or abuse and seeks help, contact Crisis Intervention Services at the number below.

(641)-424-9071 or visit their website at: www. CIShelps.org

If you do see violent behavior, contact your local police department.

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