Area residents speak up about big project

Land for potential new project CLEAR LAKE, IA

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa –  Something new, something big, something that will bring in lots of high-paying jobs.

We’ve been hearing bits and pieces about a distribution center that may be coming our way.

Now folks in the Clear Lake area are speaking up about what they would like to see come and what they hope it brings.

Jokes that everyone was there to hear more on the budget, but the real reason many attended Monday night, was to hear how Clear Lake and the county are looking to bring in one very promising project.

When public comment opened up at the City Council meeting many spoke up.

“I come before you this evening in your chambers as you embark on a tremendous endeavor to offer the full support of the city of Mason City,” said Mayor Eric Bookmeyer of Mason City.

“If we can add jobs, bring in new families, create jobs to keep our families here it will benefit the businesses in town, benefit our schools to keep our student population up, I see nothing but positive,” said a resident of Clear Lake.

From those from the Chamber of Commerce, to business owners, and even the Mayor of Mason City, many are expressing how excited they are for this project.

And Clear Lake City Administrator, Scott Flory, is very happy with what people have to say.

“To hear so many citizens step forward supporting the council to move forward with this project very enlightening for me to see such a warm response by our citizens,” said Flory.

This potential distribution center would be located along 12th Ave in the Larry Luker Memorial Industrial Park.

It would create more than a hundred jobs, and salaries would start about 39,000 dollars.

City council members officially approved the plan, and it moves into the hands of the Cerro Gordo County Supervisors on Tuesday.

Flory says he feels positive about what’s ahead.

“We still have a few issues that we have to, loose ends that have to be sewed up but nothing that I believe will oppose instrumental challenges for the project,” said Flory.

And for those living with in the community, they’re ready for this secret company to make ClearLake their home.

“A major positive shadow of this project will be other companies looking to re-locate who will soon take a serious second look at Clear Lake as a place to live, work, play, and raise their families,” said one Clear Lake resident.

Brent Willet, with the North Iowa Corridor of Economic Development, says its all for good reasons to keep the identity secret of the company.

Willet says an additional hundred jobs could be created within the company after ten years.

The project is estimated to take around 18 months to build.

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