Boil Advisory Issued for Crystal Lake


MASON CITY, Ia    The winter weather continues to show no mercy and the bitter temperatures we’ve dealt with seem to cause more issues at times than the snow. Almost daily, it’s meant broken water mains and unsafe drinking water.

In North Iowa, the Department of Natural Resources issued a boil advisory for Crystal Lake in Hancock County due to water main breaks today. A local environmental specialist told us how the bacteria enters the water system, “If you have any other leaks in the system where water pressure would be pushing water out of the main into ground, now you have a situation where shallow ground water could get in the water distribution system and with it can carry bacteria,” says Glenn Carper.

This is why a boil advisory is in effect. Five minutes at a boil will kill any bacteria that may have entered the water system. The alternative is buying purified bottled water. Sherry’s Southside Store is the local convenience store in Crystal Lake and has sold out of gallons of water. Most of the people we spoke with say they’re taking the precautionary measures.

The water main break has been found and fixed but the advisory will not be lifted until two water samples come back from state testing bacteria free which will take a few days. Until then, folks will continue to either boil or buy their water until they get the “all clear.”

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