Car sales down

cars at Hosmer Toyota MASON CITY, IA

MASON CITY, Iowa –  We know the cold weather is impacting everything from driving to frozen pipes, but it’s also having an effect on car sales.

This season many dealerships are seeing a dip in much they’re selling.

As you can imagine, not a lot of people want to test drive cars in the frigid cold.

Dealers, such as Jeremiah Hosmer with Hosmer Toyota, tell us people are just staying home, and that’s leading to sales made in a more modern way.

“We do must of our business online so our car sales side of things has actually been pretty good. Everybody has cabin fever and hanging out and looking at their iPad, buying cars online,” said Hosmer.

Hosmer says service appointments have also been down, but he expects to see more people doing test drives for cars in person by March.

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