NIACC eligible for prestigous award


MASON CITY, Iowa – NIACC is earning some attention and because of recent national rankings, they could be up for an even bigger award.

North Iowa Area Community College is eligible for a prize recognizing community college excellence.

They were selected as one of 150 community colleges nationwide that is now eligible to apply for the $1 million Aspen prize.

It’s given out every two years and this is the second time NIACC has been invited to apply.

“One of the things that tells me is that NIACC’s good work is being recognized by outside agencies and that should tell consumers that our students are succeeding and this is a strong institution,” said NIACC President Dr. Steve Schulz.

Last year, NIACC was rated in the top 20 in the nation by Community College Weekly for learning outcomes and employment rates.

“Of course that million dollars would be a big deal to us in terms of what we can do for our students but it’s really based on student success and really workforce success. So student success on campus and after graduation or completion, they go out into the work world and are successful as well,” said Schulz.

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