Snow leads to more crashes

KIMT News 3 – Earlier today, slick roads coupled with blowing snow made for nearly un-drivable roads especially in rural areas.

For almost nineteen years, Craig Miller, Owner of Miller Towing has been getting people out of tough spots.

So when it comes to severe winter weather, he knows just what to expect.

“If they can see any snow hazing across the road at all, you can be pretty sure that the road is gonna be glazed over in places and it’s gonna be slippery,” said Miller.

According to authorities, slippery conditions were to blame for this rollover accident on county road S-70 just North of 105th street.

The car sustained massive damage but the driver left without serious injury.

“I know that the roads are gonna have drifts across them and that creates a hazard for people. Especially if you follow somebody and they’ll hit a drift and it’ll be like a temporary white out,” said Miller.

Visibility was not only an issue in rural areas, back on Interstate 35, troopers say a temporary white out is to blame for this semi rear-ending a snow plow heading Southbound.

“That drift is what causes a lot of white out. So just pull back and give that plow driver enough room to break through that drift then later down the road, if it clears off, that put the plow driver knows he has cars behind him so he’s going to pull over and let them cars go by,” said Trooper Tyrel Williamson, with the Iowa State Patrol.

Once again, there was severe damage to the vehicle but the driver wasn’t seriously injured, but both Trooper Williamson and Miller say we need to understand what road conditions we could be facing and decide if a the trip is worth taking.

Miller also warns drivers to be careful of the shoulders of the road, especially in rural areas.

What may look like a safe place to move over, but could just be snow that you wind up getting stuck in.

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