Travel conditions not the best Monday

MnDOT Snowplow

ROCHESTER, Minn. — The roads were something to be desired Monday.

MnDOT crews are doing their best to keep them clear, but asked that people stay off the roads if they do not have to travel.

The snow fell until mid-afternoon, but it was still an all-day battle against the wind blowing snow across the roads.

Those with MnDOT said they are salting where the conditions allow.

“A lot depends on the wind, the temperature, even the direction of the wind, so what they try to do is keep the roadways as clear as possible. If they can get down to clear pavement that’s the best option and then it depends on temperature whether they put any kind of treatment down,” said MnDOT Spokesman Mike Dougherty.

He said so far so good on salt.

“They’re very careful in using it just as efficiently as possible and kind of watching it. A lot of it depends on how long winter lasts. If it goes all the way through March and we have a lot of snow events like this, it could create some nervous stomachs,” Dougherty said.

He said on these kinds of days drivers need slow down and let the plows do their jobs.

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